[Syncro] Syncro Coolant Pipes

Replying to this post on the syncro list:
have my new stainless coolant tubes ready to go in and put them under the vehicle where they were to go, decided to re-seal my tank and now cannot figure which end goes where. does anyone have a photo of this? One of the pipes has a higher bend, trying to figure out which goes where. Any thoughts?”

It appears the ‘outboard’ pipe is the one that goes a little higher up at the engine compartment end. Hopefully the photos below will be of some help. If not, oh well…




unrelated note: in the last 3 months I have only managed to find time to route some wires from the new engine computer (stock location under back seat) up to the dash, didn’t even quite finish that job. Hardly worth a blog post. In my ‘spare time’ I have been working on a solar power system for what will eventually be our new home. I am planning to make time to finish the westy project though just to get it wrapped up and off my mind.

Also, as that first photo looked so bad (rust-wise) I thought I would include this image of the same area after it was sand blasted, primed with 2 coats of POR-15 and top coated. Ah… that’s better.

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6 Responses to [Syncro] Syncro Coolant Pipes

  1. cheerio8 says:

    Nice u dear oat job Ed!
    If you need some assistance with any of the metal work, or what not, give us a call…Also, what are you doing about a bumper?

  2. cheerio8 says:

    U dear oat is iPad for undercoat! Geesh!

    • edbee says:

      that’s funny 🙂 I knew I wasn’t up to date with all these new abbreviations.
      Bumpers will be stock fibreglass ones as the money for this project has pretty much run out. I’ll just touch up the little dents and repaint them.
      Re metalwork – I am going to have to find a body shop I can really trust as the one guy I knew that did high quality body work meant to last has retired. (Ron of Unique Fender Mender) He did my ’67 mustang in 1990 and the metal repairs and paintwork still look perfect. He also did a bit of rust repair on the blue syncro some years ago (in behind the fridge and near utility connections) and that also is still in perfect condition . I almost wonder about taking it to NorthWesty as I have heard good things about their work but there must be some top quality body shops in the lower mainland, it is just that I don’t know about them. (at least one window will need to come out and welding is required in a few spots with behind the front bumper area being the worst.) Suggestions welcome.

      • cheerio8 says:

        For body work, our guy on the Sunshine Coast is fantastic! Kirk Meeks is definitely good too at North Westy!
        We have a guy potentially working with us soon who is good at many many things…but, let us know if we can support your efforts in anyway! We also want to let you know we finally have perfected the faucet production,
        Is this van going to be your new home and long distance traveler?

  3. edbee says:

    thanks Cherry, once I get to the body work stage I’ll touch base. The van will hopefully be our long distance traveller but our new home will be a cabin in the woods.

  4. cheerio8 says:

    Oh awesome! Off the grid cabin or? We have a cabin on the beach…which you are most welcome to come visit some day!

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