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Video – first run of Bostig Zetec in the Syncro Vanagon

This is from about a month ago. I am pretty sure there is no way I could have had a glass of water sit on the old waterboxer while it was running. Here it stays put until I rev the … Continue reading

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Vanagon front heater core and blower motor replacement

Today I removed the dash and the front heater assembly. The instructions from Ben’s site ( were super helpful although there was one thing different in my 1991 vanagon: the heater assembly itself is mounted to the van with 6 … Continue reading

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Extra fans for Westfalia Dometic Fridge – Internal and External

I put the fridge back in place last weekend. Before the fridge went back in, I: a) cleaned all the rust flakes and miscellaneous crud out of the combustion chamber b) installed a Go-Westy replacement fan on the back of … Continue reading

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Bostig Engine computer mounted

Slowly getting things done on the “Before can Drive” list: mounted the engine computer, complete with attached fuses and relays, under the back seat in the stock ECU location. (Note: newer Bostig kits than mine come with an ECU mounting … Continue reading

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