Westfalia sink faucet story

Over the years I have had 3 westies: a brown ’84, a blue ’91 syncro and a white ’91 syncro.


All of them needed sink faucets when I got them. It seems the original Delta Six sink faucets were not the longest lasting parts on Westfalias. I purchased 2 replacement faucets from Delta Six some years ago and both of them were faulty (leaking) right “out of the box”. The people at Delta Six were kind enough to send replacements for the faulty units and those worked but I never did have great trust in them.

A year ago (June 2012) I needed to replace the faucet on the white ‘91 and I was happy to learn that a local BC company (the skylight guy: vanagonwestfaliaparts.com) had purchased the Delta Six molds, had refurbished them and was now selling parts like the Westfalia sink faucet. I ordered a faucet from them and it showed up in a couple of days. I installed it and it worked nicely. I never did get to use it much though as I sold that van just after replacing the faucet.

Recently, I needed to replace one of those faucets I purchased from Delta Six some years ago (for the blue westy). I like to support local businesses where possible and as “the skylight guy” had refurbished the old Delta Six molds and I knew their quality control was good, (plus Cheri is super friendly and the sort of person whose business I like to support) I now have one of the “new” versions of the original Westfalia faucets. It showed up only two or three days after I requested it. It came with a new gasket and 3 new screws although I used the old gasket as it was in perfect shape and only used one of the new screws as they were slightly bigger than the originals and one of the original screw holes was striped so the slightly larger diameter new screw worked perfectly.


Time will tell how long this new faucet lasts but I am hoping I won’t have to replace it for a very long time. I’ll try to report back on this after we have taken the blue westy for some long trips. One final note: I always found the rotating knob switch on these faucets to be rather inconvenient so one of these days I may add a foot or knee operated switch to control the water pump.

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2 Responses to Westfalia sink faucet story

  1. NorthbyNorthWesty says:

    I am so excited to find your blog! We just bought our first Syncro – 1987 with a 2.5L Subaru engine. We have wanted one forever, but not many come on the market here in the Yukon! We have had a 2wd vanagon for years and are ready to move up. Looking forward to reading your posts.

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