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’86 Syncro Get-Away Van (high-top)

So I have decided to sell the ’86 Syncro Get-Away Van. I am going to fix it up first and the first item on the list is the exhaust system. The muffler looks like new and the cat appears OK … Continue reading

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Syncro Westy Zetec Power – first trip report

I wanted to share my impressions of the Bostig Zetec now that we have taken the van on the first camping trip with the new engine. Am I happy with the new engine – YES! It took a little while … Continue reading

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Westfalia Sink – Faucet follow-up

Just a note that the new faucet I got from the Skylight Gal (Cheri from performed flawlessly on our recent trip to Vancouver Island. The one thing I did mention to Cheri is that from my perspective one possible … Continue reading

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Syncro Westfalia Zetec power – first impressions

In the last week or so I have driven the westy 150 kilometres. My first stop after getting insurance was the alignment shop and the settings were actually reasonable close considering everything had been taken totally apart. The service writer … Continue reading

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