Syncro High Top Camper update: new sway bar link and window handle installed

Ordered a new sway bar link from Burley Motor Sports and got that installed. Somehow trying to slide the new link over the rubber bushing on the sway bar made me think of trying to stuff a down sleeping bag into a drinking cup. With the help of some wood blocks cut for the purpose and some c-clamps it went, but not willingly.

Also ordered and installed a new handle for the sliding window in the sliding door. When I got the van that window had no handle at all so one could open it but it was impossible to close all the way or to lock it closed. Luckily after some time searching I found I could get a replacement from a place called Parkin Accessories. So nice that many parts for this 25 year old van conversion are still available.

Started replacing the fuel lines yesterday and will make time over the next couple of days to finish that task. Almost ready to put the van up for sale.

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