3 Syncros

It started innocently enough: in early November  I was browsing the classified ads on thesamba.com checking on syncros for sale.  I wasn’t doing that with the idea of looking for a syncro to buy but just to stay up to date with asking prices as soon I will put the high top syncro camper on the market.

What did I see but an essentially rust free syncro Doka for sale for a reasonable price here in BC, Canada. I knew for the asking price it wouldn’t last long as I have been paying attention to prices long enough to spot a reasonable deal when I see it, compared to the ones that will likely be for sale for many many months.


It seems I wasn’t the only one to notice the ad as these comments on the syncro FB page show.


Eventually I want to replace my F250 4×4 extra cab with a more economical pick up (the Ford burns 20 litres/100 kilometers) and well… I could rationalize more but the bottom line is I called the owner, she sent me a bunch of photos and I arranged to buy the Doka sight-unseen. A few weeks later I made the 2000 km round trip to the southern interior of BC with a U-Haul trailer to get the Doka. (now I really need to get the Get Away Van sold soon)

The syncro Doka has now joined the other 2 syncros here:  the ‘91 Zetec powered, pretty much totally rebuilt blue westy and the rust free, totally stock soon to be for sale ’86 Get Away Van.

The Doka has a 2.3 litre Volvo engine in it at the moment (the previous owner imported it from Sweden)

DOKA-Volvo-engine2 DOKA-Volvo-engine1 DOKA-Volvo-engine-below

The Volvo engine has some issues (carb for one) but I plan to try and get it running as well as it can before making a decision on what to do for the long term engine solution (keep the Volvo, maybe on propane? swap in the spare Zetec I have sitting in the basement?  Who knows… but no rush to make that decision.)

BTW – the Doka is super clean, only rust is surface rust in a few spots where paint was scraped or worn away.


Funny that the more things change, the more they stay the same (3 similar cool vehicles in the driveway – wise) … here is a photo of my mom’s driveway from when I was in my early twenties. I had sold the ’65 coupe to my brother by then.  He and I got the carport and my mom’s car sat out in the rain. I sold the flat black fastback about a year after this photo was taken (after converting it from a 2 barrel 289 automatic with 2.79 gears to a racey 4 barrel 289 4 speed and 4.11 posi and getting it painted). I still have that blue fastback although it is dark moss green now. It was a great find – rust free factory big block 4 speed … and i believe the Doka was a similar find…  HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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