Get-away van ads posted and Doka update

Finally posted the ads for the Get Away van. The one with the most details is on thesamba:

Loads of photos at:

exterior walkaround:

interior part 1:
interior part 2:

Interestingly I have had about equal numbers of inquiries from thesamba and Craigslist but none from Kijiji.

Put insurance/plates on the Get-Away van and drove it for the first time since summer.  I was a bit worried the diff lock might have seized up due to lack of use but it worked nicely (whew).  I noticed though that the green indicator LED in the dash for the turn signals doesn’t work so I will look into that in the next day or two.  The only other thing I noticed that needs attention is one of the rear marker lights is burned out. I wonder if Canadian Tire would carry the correct bulb. If not I can always temporarily cannibalize one from the blue westy.

One another note: the Doka didn’t come with any seatbelts in the back seat so I found out (via where I can buy some from.  Wow, thesamba is such an incredible source of info for vanagons (well, its members are the source but it is such an easily searchable collection of data about pretty much every conceivable thing one might want to know about vanagons.)  I am excited to get time to focus on the Doka although still quite a few tasks to do on blue westy too. Never a dull moment around here…

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