For Sale: New Bostig kit to install Ford Zetec engine into VW Vanagon (and a Zetec Engine)

Plans evolve over time and I no longer need this Bostig kit and Zetec engine.

Note: the Bostig kit and Zetec engine have been sold.


the background: a bit over a year ago I bought a vanagon Doka that came with a brand new Bostig kit. The person I bought the vehicle from had planned to install a Zetec into the Doka but she bought another vehicle instead and sold me the Bostig kit with the Doka. I had a spare Zetec engine already as I got 2 Zetecs when I converted my Westfalia to Zetec power.

Now, I am considering restoring the Doka to totally stock so I can get collector plates for it and if I do that I won’t need the Bostig kit or the Zetec engine I have.

What made me finally decide to advertise the Bostig kit now is that I just purchased a project ‘farm truck’ so some cash for that project will be helpful.

Here is the text for the add I will place on CL unless someone from WetWesties or the VW Van Owners of Vancouver list buy it first.

********************* CL ad text ********************

New Bostig kit to install Ford Zetec engine into VW Vanagon
(and a Zetec Engine)

Bostig kit: brand new – never installed.  This Bostig kit is from Group 22, originally purchased in June 2013. It includes the new-fangled ‘cobra head’ intake system.

The Zetec is a 2003 with 46000 kilomtres (28500 miles) on it.

Price including engine: $7400 Canadian or… if you want a different non-Bostig exhaust system that works perfectly and is a wee-bit more performance sounding… then $6800

Current cost to get a new Bostig kit into Canada (not including a Zetec engine) would be $8365 Canadian plus shipping: $5999 USD (kit) = $7469 Canadian plus $896 tax at the border.

kit details at

I would be willing to accept a 25% deposit as long as this was entirely paid for within 90 days.

Note that I have a Bostig/Zetec in my westfalia so prospective buyers in the area could look at that.


******************* end CL ad text ******************

BTW – I installed a Bostig/Zetec in my 1991 westy and I love it. If it weren’t for the fact the Doka is in awesome rust free condition and somewhat of a collectors item (and I want to get collector plates for it) I would install the Zetec in it right away but… for the westy I had reliability, ease of maintenance and making less pollution as my top priorities (didn’t want breakdowns far from home) whereas I am never going to be taking the Doka on long trips so having a good old waterboxer in it can work for me.

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4 Responses to For Sale: New Bostig kit to install Ford Zetec engine into VW Vanagon (and a Zetec Engine)

  1. Jim Acker says:

    Still have this kit?

  2. Rhett says:

    Sold? Haha 4 years ago ?

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