New trailer brake assembly: good or return it?

I recently bought a 28 foot enclosed trailer that will be my new shop for future (how long, not really sure)  It needed brakes so I bought 4 complete assemblies (backing plates and everything that connects directly to them.

Today I bought 4 Dexter electric brake assemblies for 5200 lb axles (2 right and 2 left). I went to install them and on the first one I installed (I didn’t notice the issue until I had crimped and heat shrunk the electrical connections) I noticed that so much lubriplate had been installed on the backing plate at one of the brake shoe friction points that the lubriplate has soaked into the shoe lining leaving a ‘grease mark’. I am now wondering if I should remove this brake assembly and return it to the auto parts store and ask for one that doesn’t have lubriplate soaked into the lining.



I just sent the following email to Dexter Axle.  It will be interesting to hear their response:

Can you please look at these photos and tell me if this amount of lubriplate soaked into the lining will negatively affect braking so I should return the assembly or if this is not an issue.



PS – I just opened the second ‘right side’ assembly and noticed the same problem with it, although to a lesser degree. I hope all 4 of them won’t be like that.

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