Blue Westfalia – ready for paint

All the spots that had rust repairs done are now getting prepped for paint. I am looking forward to getting the westy back although I think from now on westy will be a 3 season vehicle (it almost was already as it makes me cringe to drive it on salted roads). Many years ago I did a total restoration on an early bronco and then proceeded to drive it to ski hills many times each ski season and after 10 or 12 years of that it needed a total body restoration again. Westy’s main purpose will be taking us on camping trips for years to come so keeping it off the road when the roads are salted seems like the best plan.

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4 Responses to Blue Westfalia – ready for paint

  1. albell says:

    Got a couple of friends watching this job. Mind you they have to win the lottery before they can afford your man 🙂



    • edbee says:

      Hi Ab,

      Yes, the job grew in scope as it progressed and I’ll be paying for this for many months to come. Oh well, I figure the westy is worth it and my philosophy has always been if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right. Would have been nice to have the entire van painted when things are this close but that wasn’t really required and it would have meant extra costs. Hopefully we will take many trips now that the youngest kid is getting older (she just turned 4).

  2. nilloc says:

    Shot in the dark here, but do you know the paint brands/codes used for the respray, I’m still a year off from paint on my Multivan (same Orly Blue I think).

    I have the same rusty spot under the fiberglass between the right rear wheel and sliding door, it’s pretty ugly in there, though I’m doing the bodywork myself and keeping the cladding so that the bodywork doesn’t have to be as perfect below that line.


    • edbee says:

      Good luck with the work, these old vans are worth it now. LP5Z is the code for Orly Blue but I have no idea what brand of paint Barry ( used on my van. I just know he would have selected a top quality brand as that is the way he works.

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