Blue westfalia body work and paint complete

I got the westy back from and it is home now.  I am planning on getting it appraised as now with the body work on top of all the mechanical work I did fairly recently (engine swap, rebuilt transaxle and front diff, rebuild suspension, etc.) I have a fair bit of money sunk into this thing. I sure hope I never need an insurance claim but if I do, I want to be prepared.

Anyone know a good appraiser for vangons in the Vancouver or Victoria areas of BC?



Note: I asked Barry (werke1) not to do any work on the bumpers as I wanted to limit the scope of the work to structural rust repairs and nothing solely cosmetic. Hopefully within the next few years I can replace these fibreglass bumpers with new steel ones from Burley Motor Sports. I am very interested to see what his new ones will be like. In the mean time, I did get a quart of bumper paint so maybe this summer I can make the required repairs to the bumpers (fix numerous small dings) and give them a coat of paint so at least the front bumper will match those new looking grilles.

Oh – I said the scope of the job was structural rust repairs but there was a little more to it than that: the DOKA lower grille was broken so I found a replacement and asked Barry to paint both DOKA grilles and figured I might as well get the westy grilles done at the same time. (economy of scale you know 🙂 ) … and the DOKA bumpers were very rusty so Barry had them blasted and powder coated.


DOKA – rusty rear bumper



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