’46 Studebaker M16 front leaf spring bushings

I am planning to use the old Studebaker truck to move some stuff in the next month or so and I want to deal with the worn front leaf spring bushings first as the truck gets the shakes at around 30 MPH.

I checked Studebaker International and saw that leaf spring bushings for the front of my M16 are available and inexpensive.

Then I had a look at the truck to see if it looked like it was going to be a relatively simple job to change them… or not.

Most of the bushings are so worn they pretty much might as well not be there at all.


It appears that at some point in the past the front passenger side spring mounting hardware broke and somebody (likely the farmer in Alberta who owned the truck for a long time) put a big bolt in place to secure the front of the leaf spring to the mount.

This is the drivers side front spring mount: old but factory original.

This is the same thing on the passenger side: “fixed” with a big old square headed bolt.

Looks like a bit of metal repair will be needed to get that back to stock.

While I was looking at the leaf springs, I noticed that the heavy-duty bumper, which I am planning to replace with an actual Studebaker bumper, is welded to the frame. Oh well, the saga begins…

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2 Responses to ’46 Studebaker M16 front leaf spring bushings

  1. tony says:

    looking for a gas tank for my 47 M16, I found your blog. it is just like mine, only mine is more faded but still a working truck. I just delivered a ton of alfalfa yesterday!

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