’46 M16 trip to the big city and update

A couple of weeks ago I took Clem (1946 Studebaker M16 ) from the farm to North Vancouver. This was the first trip of any distance I have taken since bringing the truck to the farm.


Overall the trip went well, other than running out of gas once. Here are some updates to some of my previous posts:

Front suspension low speed shimmy: after replacing the front leaf spring bushings (all 12) and repairing the right front leaf spring mount on the frame there is no more low speed shimmy. I am very happy about this as it was really bad at somewhere around 25 or 30 miles per hour (no speedo so not exactly sure).

Loose throttle shaft: previously the looseness in the throttle shaft bores in the carb body was causing bad drive-ability problems (basically a big vacuum leak causing huge hesitation and sometimes stalling just off idle) so I slathered a bunch of never-seize around the ends of the throttle shaft (from the outside) and after a few minutes this appeared to have got sucked in enough to temporarily seal up the sloppy fit between the throttle shaft and bores. The truck is much much easier to drive now. I don’t know how long this will last but it seems to be a good temporary fix.

Gas tank leaking: I found the source of the gas fumes in the cab – when filled over a certain amount the tank leaks. I am not yet sure from where, but it runs down and the entire bottom of the tank gets wet and a lot of fuel continuously evaporates making the truck stink badly. This is the number one priority to fix. Funny thing is the previous owner had the tank removed and all cleaned up and new lines installed so I guess they just missed something. I plan to fix the fuel gauge at the same time.


Exhaust leak: the truck is noisy! Major exhaust leak sound coming from the manifold area. The only leak I can detect for sure is around the bores in the manifold for the heat riser butterfly valve. I can feel the exhaust blowing out of there with my hand (just after start up when things are relatively cool down there). It is so loud though I wonder if there could be a crack somewhere or maybe a broken gasket. I may have to pull the manifold off to see what is going on. Hopefully I won’t end up breaking off any studs and making my problems worse.

The most enjoyable part of the trip was “cruisin” the old neighbourhood in North Van with my brother. He hadn’t been for a ride in the truck so we drove around for about 1/2 an hour on a nice summer evening. Wow, this thing gets more looks and smiles than any vehicle I have ever owned.


back at the farm… (those timbers wouldn’t have fit in my regular pick-up, making for a good excuse to take Clem to North Van where they were stored)



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3 Responses to ’46 M16 trip to the big city and update

  1. albell says:

    I liked this post. I’d take a truck like that any day. My wife would live it too.



    • edbee says:

      Ya, it is cool… and I am finally getting the hang of shifting it without massively grinding the gears (no synchromesh in any gear). Speaking of wives: I had to make a deal with mine before buying Clem – I agreed to sell the spare Bostig kit and Zetec I had sort of thought would end up in the Doka. (Clem was less expensive than what I got for the Bostig kit, even though Clem came with a parts truck.)

  2. Peter & Judy Sauer says:

    Ed, glad to see you and Clem are still getting along and had a nice trip to N.Van etc. Yep them old Studes get a lot of thumbs up especially when seen running down the road.

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