No salty roads for the Syncro


After all the work that has gone into the drive-train and body of the syncro, at this point I can’t bring myself to drive it on salty roads. I know in some ways it is sad to take the van off the road during winter as it is such a capable vehicle on snowy roads but my thinking is I want it to be around for many years of (mostly summer) trips so… I have canceled the insurance for now and I will sacrifice other vehicles to the salty roads instead.

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4 Responses to No salty roads for the Syncro

  1. albell says:

    Salt on saltsping?



    • edbee says:

      Yup, its true. Although I have not seen it myself, a friend of mine saw them applying ‘brine’ to the roads a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I’ll move to Northern Sweden…

  2. pilz, peter says:

    in Austria, one set of plates for three different cars is possible. Switzerland has a similar system. in my case: syncro 130hp, Renault Kangoo 4X4 85hp for the winter. syncro stays off public roads. one only pays taxes, insurance etc. for the most powerful car. you just transfer plates back and forth. i live in a very remote area in the mountains. the “roads” aren´t salted. so we have fun in the winter.
    peter, Austria.

    • edbee says:

      Hi Peter, I wish I could have one set of plates for multiple vehicles and swap them back and forth at will here! It costs me money every time I transfer insurance from one vehicle to another and it would be too expensive to keep everything insured (I kind of have too many vehicles.) Right now I have a good set of snow tires on our 2004 Golf and good tires on my F250 4×4 (the expendable vehicles) so we are in pretty good shape for winter even without the syncro on the road.

      Happy winter to you! (and 2017 too!)

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