Summer’s coming – westy trips on the mind

Summer will be here before you know it so I want to make sure the westy is ready to go so I got started today.

Last 2 summers I had to stow oldest daughter’s bike on the roof which was less than convenient.



I plan to put an additional rack on the back for the coming summer and I have a 2” receiver hitch and rack so the plan is to use that. I’ll have to modify the receiver hitch though as it was made to bolt to a stock syncro skid plate. So before that can happen I need to install the Bostig skid plate.

The first step to installing the Bostig skid plate was to get the old power steering reservoir mounting bracket out of the way (the Bostig kit mounts the PS fluid reservoir elsewhere, as you can see below).



You can see the old bracket that needed to be removed just behind the PS pump.



The PS resevoir bracket – removed.

I wasn’t’ really sure how I was going to get it out of there as it is welded in place and there is not a lot of room in that vicinity, but luckily there was just enough room to get in there with a cut off wheel on my die-grinder.


It ended up coming out reasonably easily and I got the area cleaned up, primed and painted.

Next step is installing the Bostig skid plate. It is 3/8” think and really heavier duty than I need but I wanted something to protect the crank pulley area of the engine in case I back into a stump or something.


That crank pulley looks rather exposed, the skid plate will solve that. (old photo before I installed the new muffler, etc.)


PS – gotta love the Bostig skid plate video.      

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2 Responses to Summer’s coming – westy trips on the mind

  1. Peter Sauer says:

    Yep it is that time of year, were also off to Alaska, Calgary Stampede, Yukon, Artic circle, home end of July.   Big international Studebaker meet in Tacoma from August 28 to Sept. 1 then home again.  I like your MH real nice size, but I cannot get my wife to drop to a 25′ or less with a Diesel engine or 6cyl gas job.  She likes her old 2006 Itasca with 2 slides, I’m okay once I’m parked for a week then move onto somewhere else.

    Peter Sauer

    • edbee says:

      Hi Peter,
      That sounds like quite a trip you have planned, nice! Yes, the westfalia is kind of small for four people but with the kids at this age (6 and soon to be 12) it still works for us, plus I really like how it can go just about anywhere easily and be pretty easy on the fuel too.

      Good luck with your trip!


      PS – I haven’t seen many posts from you on STT. I miss seeing links to various ads for Studebakers from CL all over the place.

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