Engine Skid Plate installed – Bostig syncro vanagon

I finished installing the skid plate and the crank pulley is now protected so I am happy about that, but I do need to look into things as the addition of the skid plate seems to have caused a vibration/noise issue at certain RPMs and engine loads.


Next I want to install the 2″ receiver hitch which will need some modifications as it was made for a stock engined vanagon. In the image below you can see the bar that used to attach to the stock VW engine cradle will need to be modified to bolt to the Bostig skid plate – well maybe you can see that…


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2 Responses to Engine Skid Plate installed – Bostig syncro vanagon

  1. Peter Sauer says:

    maybe make some real heavy duty rubber washers that will help the rattle or squeak. I had a problem like that once and I used old rubber sidewalls with longer bolts.  Lucky for you they make that special skid plate, in all my old $x4’s I would get 1/2″ or 5/8″ Aluminum and bend to fit the drill all my holes and bolt into place, because some of the roads I traveled were just boulders, no dirt or gravel, lots of Jugger Nuts the pointed right at the oil pan, transmission pan, and gas tanks.  We now drive a 2010 Suzuki with Electronic 4wd can lock in to 4low on the fly but at a lower speed than 50mph, I was amazed at how they found and installed a Class 5 Hitch on the back of the truck.

    Peter S.

  2. letsgowesty says:

    Skid plate definitely seems like a good idea.

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