Bikes on Westy and Wasser Stopper

We got over to Pachena Bay on the west coast of Vancouver Island for a few days last week. It is a gorgeous place and the campsite is great: clean, friendly staff, etc.


I finally got the “how to store 4 bikes efficiently” question sorted out: I found a 3rd bike attachment for the Paul Chen rack and put the 3 full size bikes there and our 6 year old’s bike can go on the roof pretty easily. I made a bracket to hold the small bike in the luggage rack so it can go up or come down quickly plus I can pop the top with it up there (last year with a big bike up there I couldn’t pop the top without bringing down the bike – quite inconvenient).


I added a wood support to the Paul Chen bike rack as I was a bit worried it might break off with 3 bikes on there when I hit big pot holes at speed on logging roads.

It drizzled a bit while we were at Pachena Bay so I had occasion to use the “Wasser Stopper” westy tent cover for the first time. It seemed to be quite effective.


Update to previous posts:

  • I need to space the skid plate down so it doesn’t interfere with the HCHC oil pan when the engine is torquing but haven’t had a chance to deal with that yet.
  • I had a shop install the new PS pump (which was a bit of a painful experience on it’s own) and unfortunately the new pump is as noisy as the old one.

One last thing: the Dometic fridge usually works well for us but this trip it experienced a problem I had never seen before. I tested the fridge on propane 2 times just before the trip and all was fine. Then when we arrived at our destination it would not light on propane. The orange light that usually flashes until the fridge lights and then goes steady once the propane is burning would just go on continuously immediately without the igniter ever clicking a single time (and of course the propane not burning). I tried numerous times over the first two days and then on the third day it finally lit up normally – starting to think a truckfridge or something like that might be the way to go… always something. 🙂

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1 Response to Bikes on Westy and Wasser Stopper

  1. Peter Sauer says:

    Ed take you Fridge problem to FGRV Forums, even though you are in a VW Westy they all have problems similar to yours with their fridges so go on line to General CHat and say your a new member and use a Boler or Trillium for a excuse and ask them what they think the problem might be. Ours a 2 door fridge/freezer and it turns on automatically no more playing the little orange light, when we plug in it just switches from Propane to electric.

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