Studebaker M16 – brake updates

I finally got around to dealing with the front brake wheel cylinders on the M16. Turned out they were too pitted to just hone out and unfortunately new wheel cylinders are no longer available.

Luckily I found a local guy who did a great job of sleeving the cylinders: Jim at Bristol Motors on Vancouver Island. He used bronze and went the extra mile to clean everything up, polish the pistons, chase all threads and powder coat the outside of the wheel cylinders. He does top notch work (a true craftsman) and when I picked up the wheel cylinders I even got a tour of his shop and the many cool projects he was working on (old luxury cars, sports cars, vintage trucks etc.)

The front brakes on the M-16 went together nicely (everything is so simple on that truck) although the wheels and tires are heavy and a bit of a bear to lift onto the hubs/wheel studs (at least compared to any other vehicle I have ever worked on).  I would have loved to take the time to sand blast and paint the backing plates but as is often the case lately, time didn’t permit that.

I noticed that whomever last installed the inner seal for the front wheel bearings appears to not have had the appropriate tool. I usually just use a socket from my ¾” drive set for such things but this person did a bit of a hack job, or so it looks to me.

I still haven’t had a look at the rear brakes but it is on my list to pull the rear wheels and check the rear brakes. The previous owner had the shoes relined but if the front was any indication the rear wheel cylinders may be shot too. The only other brake work planned is that I bought a power brake booster with a new master cylinder so I would like to replace the old master cylinder with those as soon as time permits. I suspect I’ll have to install a vacuum reservoir/canister at that time too.

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  1. Peter Sauer says:

    When I look at the tools Rob had they were not much of any.  I loaned him some of mine which I got back as soon as he sold the truck.  Now all of our tools for working on cars or trucks are long gone since we sold the house and now live in a apartment.


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