Westy Trip (summer 2019) Pemberton

In late July last summer we went on a short trip up the Sea to Sky corridor to the Pemberton area. In nice weather the trip from Horseshoe Bay up to Pemberton is truly spectacular.

The viewpoint to the Tantalus Range (just north of Squamish) is always worth a stop.


Just past Whistler we stopped on the shores of Green Lake to take in the views of runs on Blackcomb and Whistler . We saw two Harbour Air float planes take off while we were checking out the views of the surrounding peaks (Whistler and Blackcomb of course, plus Wedge, Weart, Mt Currie and others).


We stopped at Nairn Falls (just south of Pemberton) for that nice little hike into the falls which was enjoyable, saw a jet boat taking tourists up the river to the base of the falls too. Interesting how many of the no smoking signs in Canada now include a marijuana leaf on them.



While in Pemberton we decided to take a drive up the Mount McKenzie Forest Service Road which yielded great views of the Pemberton Valley and surrounding peaks.


We even got to see a couple of Paragliders launch from the very spot I launched from on my one and only paragliding flight many years ago (my flight ended well, I just wanted to try it once). It was cool for the kids to see that.


We ventured further up the Mt McKenzie FSR  to the upper paraglider launch point which has a spectacular view of Mount Currie and south to Black Tusk, as well as over to the mountains across the valley to the west.



Next time we are back in this area we plan to continue eastward across the Duffey Lake road to Lillooet where I lived for 3 years in what seems almost like another lifetime ago. It’ll be fun to show the kids some of the places where I used to have fun up there.


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5 Responses to Westy Trip (summer 2019) Pemberton

  1. Peter Sauer says:

    I worked on the highway into Pemberton from the time I was 18 to 22, I opened the camp starting when the snow was down to around 2′ deep and I closed the Camp somewhere around October 20th same every year for 4 years.  We were stationed By a hotel that is gone now, I Just cannot  think of the name.  I Learned a lot working for the Highways dept and private Contractors, if your will to try something new and work at it you always will have a job in Construction.  In 1970 I bought 5 acres on Gunn Lake sold it in 1980 but in 1977 I bought 7.6 acres which was a back lot to Tyaughton Lake for $22,000.00 from the Barwell’s out of Chilliwack.  I putzed all around Bralorne, Brexton, Goldbridge, Little Gun lake, Big gun lake even more and into the back areas, Hike over the mountain with some others to the Highline road which runs from Darcy to Shalath, etc. up over mission mtn and down the other side and across the dam, you can drive this road from Darcy to Shalath over mission mountain and turn left to Bralorne after you cross the dam. If you go up there I can give you a friends name Steven Hall he owns quite a few acres on Texas Creek and some properties which are also back lots on Tyaughton Lake.  He has family in same area who have lakefront.  My wife and I did a horse trip when Warren Menhenick owned his one spread called Spruce Lake Tours, the only way you can do these trips now is bike, hike or pay Bracewell’s to take you by horse, you can go out there for the whole summer or as soon as the snow is out of the mountains, I still have a few friends in the area.  A lot of the old timers have passed on, but there are still a lot of the younger crowd left and I mean in their 50’s and 60’s.  I also have a few friends living in Lillooett, Texas Creek.  You and I should get to gether for a summer up there.  We only drive a Goat now with AWD and something called the Touring Package?


    • edbee says:

      Hi Peter,
      That area of our province (Pemberton, Lillooet, Bralorne, etc.) has so many beautiful places to explore. I used to go exploring after work and weekends when I lived in Lillooet on my old Honda XL350 (my best friend had an XL600) or in my ’73 Bronco or on mountain bike for local-to-Lillooet trails… and ski touring in the winter, mostly up by Duffey Lake area. One place I’d still love to go is up Molybenite Peak (off of Texas Creek Road – actually up Texas creek, then right/north. The peak is something like 8000 feet and you can drive up the whole way if you have a stout 4×4. (don’t think I’d take the syncro westy up there though, unless the worst washouts get fixed) So many places to explore, so little time… I need to retire!

  2. Peter Sauer says:

    So the road up Mt. MacLean must be in pretty good shape these days, last time I was up that way was 50 or so years ago and it was a  rough road back then.  Where does this road to take you to the West.

    so if you did paragliding this means you bungee jumped from the bridge??


    • edbee says:

      Hi Peter,
      Yes, Mckenzie Basin Forest service Rd (near Pemberton) is in good shape these days. I mistakenly called it Mt. McLean road in the post, I’ll fix that. (I think I had the name Mt McLean in my mind as there is a road right above Lillooet with that name and we hiked up there a few times.
      For paragliding, we launched from the same point on Mckenzie Basin Forest Service Rd as the paraglider in the photo. My flight lasted about 12 minutes as I floated down to the secondary school field where I landed. Apparently one isn’t allowed to land there any more. It would have been the late 90’s when I flew there.

  3. Peter Sauer says:

    Ed just to let you know there is a lot of area up there to see and it would take one summer to see it all.


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