New Vehicle – Kubota L4400 Tractor

Last fall I bought a new (to me) vehicle: a Kubota L4400 tractor. I knew it was going to be a very useful tool but I didn’t realize just how useful.

So far I have used it for tasks for such as:

  • Moving a small building
  • Digging ditches
  • Clearing dense brush
  • Moving dirt to make a place to put a building
  • Spreading a load of gravel
  • Erecting the frame for a small building
  • Clearing snow from the driveway
  • Digging holes for planting trees
  • Raking rocks from a newly landscaped area
  • Moving misc stuff around the property (including moving a big trailer)

Honourable mention in the useful vehicle category has to go to my 1992 F250 as without it, getting the Kubota home wouldn’t have been so easy (thank you Rod for lending me your trailer).


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4 Responses to New Vehicle – Kubota L4400 Tractor

  1. alistair says:

    A man without a tractor is only half a man.

    I’m half a man , envious



  2. edbee says:

    and a machinist without a lathe, or a milling machine is… 😦

  3. Peter Sauer says:

    Ed what in the heck do you keep in that overly large trailer with the two storage sheds on the roof, plus why is the garage so small in the first picture.  I have been following a family in Idaho whose husband built their own house took him one year to do it all by himself.  He picked up some acreage there and I think they are around 3400′ and higher in some places of the property. He started out with a Back hoe then sold it and bought a Medium sized Excavator and in some places wished he had kept the Backhoe as it could do work in places the Excavator could not do.  In the end he has 50hp Tractor which he likes but would rather have same but in 4×4 mode but they are quite expensive so he keeps watching for a deal somewhere around his area.  If you want to go to his web area it is called the Red Poppy,  another one I have been watching is Jake and Nicole who are starting right from scratch in your neck of the woods some where around Nanaimo or slight north.  I just go in to Jake & and it comes up but it all started when they met, sold it all then headed for Portugal, SM from there to Europe, interesting sites and sounds.

    Finally what is worse I can travel anywhere in BC this year but I cannot travel anywhere else in Canada??


    • edbee says:

      Hi Peter,
      That large trailer with the storage on the roof is my shop (workbench, table saw, etc., etc.) and that ‘garage’ is actually a shed for the horses to hang out in. One day hopefully I’ll have a real garage but there are other priorities at the moment. Our tractor is 44 horse which seems like the perfect size for our property: could use a little more lifting capacity from time to time but I wouldn’t want to sacrifice the ability to get into tighter spots so it is a good compromise. I’ll check out those sites you mentioned. Best wishes!

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