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No salty roads for the Syncro

After all the work that has gone into the drive-train and body of the syncro, at this point I can’t bring myself to drive it on salty roads. I know in some ways it is sad to take the van … Continue reading

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Syncro Westfalia with OME Shocks and Springs on Washboard Roads

Last week we went for a short camping trip on Vancouver Island. We ended up at Nitinat Lake which involved driving about 100 kilometres on gravel roads which included some washboard and rough/pot-holed sections. This was the first time I … Continue reading

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Blue westfalia body work and paint complete

I got the westy back from and it is home now.  I am planning on getting it appraised as now with the body work on top of all the mechanical work I did fairly recently (engine swap, rebuilt transaxle … Continue reading

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Westfalia bodywork in progress

Body work on the blue westy is progressing nicely. The new front panel is in place and Barry ( found a few additional rust spots when he took the windshield out so those will be welded up. I am so … Continue reading

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Blue Westy Update

No posts for a looong time as we moved in September and are still getting settled into our one room cabin. Blue westy (the ’91 syncro) has been a bit neglected lately and was forced to be a daily driver … Continue reading

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For Sale: New Bostig kit to install Ford Zetec engine into VW Vanagon (and a Zetec Engine)

Plans evolve over time and I no longer need this Bostig kit and Zetec engine. Note: the Bostig kit and Zetec engine have been sold. the background: a bit over a year ago I bought a vanagon Doka that came … Continue reading

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Changing Syncro transaxle oil with Bostig engine cradle

Today it wasn’t raining so I finished changing the oil in the syncro transaxle (in the blue westy). As I had done this job before I was well prepared, although last time I did it was on a syncro with … Continue reading

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